About Copper Jewelry


copper is one of three minerals essential to human well-being. It helps with:

  • blood vessel formation
  • brain development
  • healthy bones and teeth

Many swear by its ability to fight inflammation and arthritis.


our skin absorbs 90% ofwhat we put on it and wearing copper jewelry can help our body absorb this helpful mineral.


additionally, copper is very conductive, and amplifies the properties of the gems it encapsulates!


our copper jewelry is created through a process called electroforming, using electricity! this method utilizes electricity to positively charge copper pipe, thus releasing copper into a conductive solution, where it is sucked up onto the jewelry pieces which are connected to a negative electrical charge and suspended in the solution! it's a pretty neat process and takes about 24-48 to complete. the jewelry is prepped prior to this, and that takes about a day or so, so the entire process takes about 3 days! 

to see examples of what we mean, make sure to follow us on instagram here, as we post videos and reels of our setup and work!